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Whats goin on admin? Why werent we informed about the update and what does it intail? How will it affect gameplay and when will the servers be back up? Plz post specs of the update to keep us informed...and server time (approx).


Name: Darkrevenger
Class: rogue
Lvl: 83
World: gwydion
Clan: Saints

Name: Epichealtime
Class: druid
Lvl: 46
World: gwydion
Clan: TheMob (chieftian)

Re: Update???

Hi there

We are going to add a novelty item trainer which will teach you a skill that works with the fun event items.

That way you won't need a different skill every time we add a new type of fun item.

Since this is quite complicated to make it'll take a while, hopefully in the next patch - but at least then we can leave the trainer in the game and he will be useful in future updates as well.


Re: Update???

Ah okay thx,its rly needed xP
2 other questions:
1. Would it be possible soon to fasttravel without a leystone by using a broom?
2. It would be just amazing if you could fly a little bit higher with the broom. Maybe be pressing attack you fly up to 10 meters high *__*

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