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How do I earn money faster?

Hey there guys! :D I was hoping someone could give me some tips on how to earn gold faster.I'm kind of tired of always having 100-200 gold :oops: .Especially because the luxury shop is required to have 20k gold(Pfft in my dreams).If anyone has any tips on how to earn gold faster it would be appreciated!
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Re: How do I earn money faster?

Gold doesn't fall in your lap you have to kill stuff and then kill more stuff I regulary earn 1 k an hour if left in peace killing stuff and drops r about 7 gold a drop you have to kill a lot of mobs most people don't have the patience to kill that many mobs over and over again I'd imagine the Maths on it is interesting it's a lot of mobs every hour
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Re: How do I earn money faster?

So you pretty much afk farm. After that being said, you must also be very high level to afk farm and gain that much gold per monster. I know shale and stonevale only drop 2-4 gp unless a rare neutral creature comes along..anyways
, id like to see a lot bigger gold drops please.. Level 68 wisps and fairies shouldnt be dropping 2-4 gp when lvl 20 creatures in lir drop 2-4 gp.. Come on now..

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