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Re: New Luxury Items

When I first heard about this patch I started saving, hoping there would be cool necklaces. Then I saw how expensive they were and bought a gold energy necklace. Can I have a refund on it so I can buy the Halloween gear now that it's cheaper?
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Re: New Luxury Items

admin wrote:Hi there

Yes when we lower the prices there will be refunds for those that paid a higher price.


hi admin,

i better get them Gold back lol, i paid top dollar!

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Re: New Luxury Items

Dayton wrote:Ya if they are I'd like to sell my 150k Amulet and get a Halloween one...

You'll regret it! I paid 300 thousand for the Halloween ruby amulet, and it seems to give you the same benefits as the 150k amulet, but It doesn't recharge energy and health while fighting. Worthless!
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