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Re: A couple of questions about the broom

The special event/rare (broom would be put under that catergory) item skill made just for Druids and mages to me sounds I little unfair,I'm not seeing it as much as a advantage to the 2 classes.By giving just those 2 classes that skill then what is to happen for other special event items (if there will be others) when it might be something that can be really helpful (like the broom) in future playing of the game and the other classes aren't very effective with the item because the don't have the skill!

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I think I mis-read something in the previost posts,sorry if this post causes inconveniences
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Re: A couple of questions about the broom

Hi there

Just to let you know our current plans.

We will add in a new ability trainer for novelty items - so that in future events you will be able to fully use any new items we make.

All items gained during Halloween can be kept after the event.

Halloween special items will no longer be able to be obtained after the Halloween event ends (it is running until 8th November inclusive).

Hope that clears things up a bit.


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