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Groups and exp

Hi, just wondering if anyone can clarify something for me. In other MMO's when you are in a group and you fight and kill stuff the exp and sometimes loot, is shared out amongst the whole group, making the whole purpose of forming a group more meaningful. As far as I can tell, this doesn't happen with experience gained or loot in CH. Or does it and I just failed to notice?

Re: Groups and exp

Hi there

The experience in a group is shared evenly and there is an extra xp bonus for each member of the group, the more group members the more the xp bonus.

Loot is randomly assigned to members of the group, with nobody getting 2 items until everyone has already had 1 loot item.


Re: Groups and exp

There is? I hadn't noticed as the text area always says "so-and-so got X experience" if they got the last hit that made the kill. Maybe that needs to be updated to say how much each player gets from the group kills? Or am I just missing something again :|

Re: Groups and exp

The experience and the gold you see is the amount YOU received. It also tells you who killed it.
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