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In prep for pvp update: subject: twinks

Hey everyone,

Im building a twink for the upcoming pvp update and i want to know everyone opinion on the subject (good or bad idc).
Heres the name and stats/gear:

DarkrevsTwink lvl 29 (currently 26 but lvlin and holding at 29 for bracket)

Hp: 219 (259 with greater twin soul)
En: 69 (93 with greater twin soul)
Sgth: 45 Atk: 239
Dex: 55 Def: 110
Foc: 30 Dmg:101
Vit: 35 Arm:168

Gear is as follows:
Ancient lamellar: legs, chest, boots
Corbins bracers
Tanned darkrun helm
greater torc of protection

Ancient langsax: Slayers golden baselord:
Pierce: 38 Pierce: 16
Atk spd: 2018 Wgt: 7
Wgt: 12. Atk: +40
Dex req:40

Plz give advice or critisism. All is welcome.
And if u feel like posting your twinks stats feel free to do so and i will compare.
And give an opinion on twinks being used in low lvl brackets. (its gonna happen)

Thank you,
Name: Darkrevenger
Class: rogue
Lvl: 83
World: gwydion
Clan: Saints

Name: Epichealtime
Class: druid
Lvl: 46
World: gwydion
Clan: TheMob (chieftian)

Re: In prep for pvp update: subject: twinks

As far as pvp goes, last I heard, they were talking about introducing duels in the next update then going from there.

As far as "twinks" go, being that bracket pvp is far out from now, personally, I'd would only choose my class and the lvl I want to max at. Gear wise I wouldn't bother spending money on them at the moment.Hand me downs is different. Pretty much all gear dont have many restrictions on them. But then again that is also taking a risk if they were to all of a sudden implement lvl restrictions on gear.

For classes pvp is all about burst dps and survivability. At lower levels I forsee, with the current skills which will change most likely, that rogues and rangers being the top players followed by warriors. Rogues for stealth, rangers for bolas and quick heal, then warriors for the armor.

Gear that's out right now, the current lux shop item boots are a must for anyone. The increased speed to catch that ranged class or to help kite or to get away to heal afterbeing jumped.

This is just my two cents so far.
75 Druid - Luminire (main)
54 Rogue - Lumi
50 Mage - Frawst
50 Ranger - Quickcloud
50 Warrior - Lag

Herne - Shadowknights

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