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Re: Speed to lvl

It totally depends on
  • your level (higher lvls take longer to lvl)
  • monsters you're fighting (higher lvls are more difficult but grant you more XP)
  • accepting quest rewards (rewards may give you a lot of xp somtimes)
  • using potions (godmode 4x XP)
  • gear (more kills less downtime)
  • teamwork (less XP but more kills
It may take between 10 minutes and a few hours. I hope this answers your question 8-)
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Re: Speed to lvl

I would also add to the list
Sig's purchased
And even time of day you play, peak player times equal more people farming the same mobs to lvl.

If you really want to lvl fast find a high lvl to power lvl you. Downside is all your skills would be weak which means low damage that you do to mobs.
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Re: Speed to lvl

I started on the 8th and am now lvl 78 and just a few kills from 79. I used xp pots 3 times of which two were last night. The big reasons I was able to lvl so fast was first I have two weeks off and second at around lvl 50 I bought gold gear and this allowed me to continue to kill higher lvl mobs.

The quest themselves can get you to around 50 then the quest are prety much for bosses. I have not killed any of the higher lvl bosses yet as my old guild would rather 2man or 4man a boss so they can have all the fragments for gear than actually allow guild members to contribute.

Needless to say I am looking for a new guild. But outside of *** about my old guild my point is that you can lvl fast even without guild help. Though having it would go along way in improving the experience.

Re: Speed to lvl

Thank you for the responses . Playing a warrior class . Sword shield . Not going to spend more then $15 to help with getting off to a good start . As for a guild . Possibly if I can get into one that I can join up daily to lvl up .
Once again thank u all for the responses .

Re: Speed to lvl

Let's see first of all it kinda sucks when someone wants in your group and the boss is half dead allso when someone is capable of easily killing a boss without any extra help it's nice to do it in small groups so you have a higher chance of getting a drop allso ounce we finish are sets were giving them out to clannies for free regardless wether they helped or not( we decide based on lvl and activeness so you probly would have been one of the first we gave them to) and we allso don't let people tht join are clan do boss fights untell 2weeks have passed(usualy) this stops people from joining are clan then leaving ounce they get good gear and going back to there clan. And I'd allso like to point at your whining about a clan not letting you in a group to hunt bosses,when you would have been able to hunt bosses with us in 2 more weeks and u probly would have had a near full set of the new gear within a week(so you would have had a near full set before you even would have been able to hunt bosses which means we would have pretty much got your armour for you) then you join a clan which hasn't been able to kill a boss yet :) ps I don't want you to think I'm trying to recruit you so I'm stateing one of are rules when you leave the shadowknights you can't rejoin unless you have a good enough reason and have been approved to rejoin by our 5 leaders
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Re: Speed to lvl

I have no doubt you and your guild will continue to do well and considering the other top guilds on our server doesnt have any high level druids, I think you guys will be the only ones taking out these bosses for a bit.

I dont really care about the gear, not saying I DONT care its just not a priorty . I am not looking for handouts! I want to actually fight a boss and complete the quest. It was sooooo disapointing when I finally got high enough level and decent gear only to be turned down with a statement " sorry want to get our gear".. and there was only like two of you..

These things happen and timing means everything sometimes. However I do get along very well with some of your guild members and injoy playing with them. That said I do not agree with your style of leadership and ill leave it at that.

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