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honestly, will completely rule boss fights, and will cause less profit for otm. wont use as many haste elixers/restos because u can wait for druids.
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Re: ???

Just wait for beta to start and see what happens from there. I'm sure that some testers will be against it but hey, it has it's advantages.
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Re: ???

Remember all those people that were against the auto rejoin to a group when you got dc. See how that worked out? I can't imagine the trouble it's saved compared to pre update when someone would always take your spot.
Yes it'll take awhile to get used to but I say give it a try before complaining.
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies..”

Message to all otm and beta testers.

Hi, on behalf of 75% of the community.


Please! Rogues won't be fun anymore!
It's fun when you got two clans fighting over the kill. Not when you got two tanks and a few druides taunting the boss to get the kill. Ksing is what made this game different! The thrill of the fight knowing who puts most damage into the boss is so fun! I honestly know target lock will kill this game and turn it into all the other same mmos...

So please take in consideration rogues will be useless if you add target lock. Mages will be less useful.

I hope you can take off target lock .
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