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Re: Snowstorm Spirits

Zuper7 wrote:Ive killed 20 snowstorm spirits and got this

so you're telling me you killed stuff for like 10 minutes and you get what i've been trying to get for over 10 hours of grinding? awesome.

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Re: Snowstorm Spirits

This is exactly why I hate random rare drops. You spend hours upon hours for nothing, only to find someone else killed 3 mobs and got the rare.
In this model, hard work and dedication won't necessarily get you the prize, which is extremely unfair IMO.

Better to turn in 1200 items and get the rare, whether you are high level or low level, that's fair.

Work hard, get the prize.
Don't work hard...get squat.

Of course that begs the question,...why are we working? Shouldn't we be having fun?
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Re: Snowstorm Spirits

3k+ snowballs and no hat or cloud lol. All the people on taranis i've asked said they got theirs in under 500 snowballs...kinda lame. I don't mind grinding for hours, but it sucks not having anything but 35 frozen iceballs to show for the effort.
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Re: Snowstorm Spirits

I got a yuletide cloud hat, i ran around lirs naked no armor, no jewelrey, no costumes, no weapons, after a while i saw a cloud and decided to wrestle it naked and got my hat :). No camping spawns or anything. It is completely random so there is a small chance you could get it, it doesnt mean you will if you continuously camp the spawn so it doesnt really matter how many snowballs you get from camping just a bit of luck.

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