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Re: Snowstorm Spirits

Venus wrote:actually, I have been using the forums for a while, just decided to make an account now. Also some of my posts were removed from some bug or something.

:c mine have left me to, n mmk, srry then :3
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Re: Snowstorm Spirits

pigman wrote:got my first yule cloud, close to 1000 kills now... and still no white hat

I feel you bro, I have neally over 1400+ snowballs and I have killed a ton of these clouds.. No damn luck!

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Re: Snowstorm Spirits

I bought one. Anyone interested, I am selling one ;D (they are the ones that are dropped, not bought in the store right? ;) . Havent been able to dig into xmas event yet, too busy lvling druid, apologies if I am misinformed here :P )
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Re: Snowstorm Spirits

Okay now I'm just straight up pissed off. 2200 motherfkin snowballs and no hat. I mean come on maybe after 1000 it's like a damn lot but I have 2200 of these damn things with no rare drop. Wasted hours upon hours for unfathomable all.

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