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Pikels Guide to Aggragoth Loot

After searching the forums for a couple hours page by page, I decided to compile what I have learned about aggragoth drops into one post to share with everyone. From my own experience and what I have gathered from the forums, this is what I have come up with. Please feel free to add any info or correct any mistakes you see.

Aggragoth always drops four items. As far as I know, it is either one wep, one bracelet, and two rings, or two bracelets, two rings. Edited to add - i have never seen aggy drop two bracelets at a time, just going by info seen on forums.

Let's start with main hand weapons. Aggy either drops a book for casters, or a trident for rogues, warriors, rangers. Let's begin with the books. There are three lvls of books:

VOID GRIMOIRE - lvl required 150 - crush 15, speed 3000, weight 3, 300 stat*, 175 focus
SHADOW GRIMOIRE - lvl req - 130 - crush 10, spd 3050, wt 3, 200 stat*, 150 foc
DARK GRIMOIRE - lvl req - 110 - crush 5, spd 3100, wt 3, 100 stat*, 125

stat depends on the type of GRIMOIRE it is. There are four types of GRIMOIRES:

MAGIC - Natures Magic
FLAME - Fire Magic
FROST - Ice Magic
HEALTH - Health

So you can see, there are twelve different books that can drop. For example, a VOID GRIMOIRE of HEALTH is - lvl req 150, crush 15, speed 3000, weight 3, 300 health, 175 focus. A DARK GRIMOIRE of FIRE is - lvl req 110, crush 5, spd 3100, wt 3, 100 fire magic, 125 foc.

Tridents also follow the same type of pattern. Tridents are main hand weapons that use the spear ability. There are also three levels of tridents:

VOID TRIDENT - level required 150 - pierce 110, speed 3000, weight 20, 75 stat*, 300 spear
SHADOW TRiDENT - lvl req 130 - pierce 105, spd 3050, wt 20, 50 stat*, 200 spear
DARK TRIDENT - lvl req 110 - pierce 100, spd 3100, wt 20, 25 stat*, 100 spear

stat depends on the type of TRIDENT it is. There are three types of TRIDENTS:

CELERITY - Dexterity
ZEAL - Vitality
WRATH - Strength
You can see there are nine different TRIDENTS that can drop.

Let's move on to DAMAGE RINGS. There are three different types of DAMAGE RINGS each with subtypes. DMG RNGS are not class specific and have a level requirement of 120. Here are the different types:

GODLY - 50 damage*, 30 resist^, 30 resist*
IMPERIAL - 45 dmg*, 28 res^, 28 res*
ROYAL - 40 dmg*, 25 res^, 25 res*

There are also three subtypes:

STORMFIST - Magic Damage, Magic Resist, Crush Resist
FIREFANG - Fire Damage, Fire Resist, Pierce Resist
COLDSTEEL - Cold Damage, Cold Resist, Slash Resist

There are nine possible DAMAGE RING drops from aggy. For example, a GODLY STORMFIST RING is - level required 120 - 50 Magic Damage, 30 Resist Crush, 30 Resist Magic. A ROYAL COLDSTEEL RING is - lvl req 120 - 40 Cold Damage, 25 Resist Slash, 25 Resist Cold. And so on and so forth....

Moving on to DRAGON SKILL RINGS. DRAGON SKILL RINGS are class specific and have a level requirement of 100. They also Bind On Equip. There are five different types of DSR's:


skill depends on the name of the ring, all rings are named for skills. For example, a GODLY DRAGON RING of NATURES TOUCH is - level required 100 - 10 Natures Touch. A MAJOR DRAGONS RING of SWEEPING BLOW is - lvl req 100 - 7 Sweeping Blow, etc...

Finally, there are AGGY BRACELETS. Older AGGY BRACELETS are not class specific. This was changed at some point and AB's are now class specific. All have a level requirement of 120. All AB's give 75 stat, 250 ability and 5 skill.
For example, a FIREMAGES BRACELET of FOCUS is - class: MAGE - level required 120 - 75 focus, 250 fire magic, 5 fire bolt. A VAGRANTS BRACELET of DEXTERITY is - level required 120 - 75 dex, 250 spear, 5 light heal. An AGITATORS BRACELET of SWORDS is - lvl req 120 - 75 vit, 250 sword, 5 taunt.

Big thanks to Aileron and Eliminater for helping correct previous mistakes and providing additional information. Eliminater provided the following reguarding AGGY BRACELETS:

There are 4 types of bracelets for each class, these are what we have seen so far:

Warrior - Agitator (Taunt), Barbarian (Frenzy), Gladiator (Giant Swing), Protector (Protective Stance)
Mage - Ice Mage (Ice Shards), Fire Mage (Fire Bolt), Conjurer (Cloak of Fire), Battlemage (Energy Shield)
Druid - Spiritcaller (Spring of Life), Healer (Nature's Touch), Tempest (Lightning Strike), Enchanter (Shield of Bark)
Rogue - Sneak (Sneaky Attack), Reaper (Rend), Shadow (Fast Reflexes), Poisoner (Poison Weapon)
Ranger - Vagrant (Light Heal), Trapper (Bolas), Hunter (Barbed Shot), Marksman (Rapid Shot)

There are also at least three types of each bracelet. For example, there is a Healers Bracelet of Focus,a Healers Bracelet of Totems, and a Healers Bracelet of Vitality.

Please keep the information coming to help make this guide as accurate as possible.
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Guide To Aggy Loot:
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Re: Pikels Guide to Aggragoth Loot

Great post, this should be added in the mid wiki.

I did not know there was only 4 types of skills braces for each classes.

For rogue : A quick strike brace for rogues would have been the real deal lol ! Got a poisoner and two sneak. But anyway for rogues only one aggy brace with 75 strenght is enough, combined with a godly pierce or other melee, you do more damage than with another aggy brace in auto dps.

For warrior : two aggy braces is a must. Perfection is to have a perfect balanced warrior build and to equip two 75 strenght aggy braces for leveling or doing high damage (one protector and one gladiator), or when tanking two 75 vit braces (one agitator, one protector) I got a gladiator and protector strenght braces, one agilitator vit brace, but still waiting a good protector vit !!!

two protectors braces is quite amazing combined with a royal protective stance ring like one of my gen is doing reaching the 50 max skill cap ! Combine with a good 75 vit void trident, you are basicly indestructible with a normal druid support.
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