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Re: Amount of elixers to level *graph*

Sir Blaze333 wrote:Well as a level 144, I would need about 20, not less than. But im asuming that's based on one star kills.

Ok, great. What that shows is that time to kill goes up as level goes up.

This graph is assuming same time to kill a 1* mob at any level.

The truth is you are right. We need to get people timing how long it takes to kill a 1 star kill and regen. Then I'll adjust the equation accordingly.
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Re: Amount of elixers to level *graph*

The graph is wrong although your effort is commendable. I dont kill one star mobs at my level. I only kill 3 and 4 star level 140 to 150 mobs and i needed 100 lix to level from 154 to 155 (if I had not done the Ragnor quest daily). each lix only gives me 1% of a level. Level 150 wyerns give only 10K xp with lix and they are rare. Level 145 wyern gives only 2K xp. So go figure out how many lix you need. In fact, the best way to level now for me is to do the gladiator quest daily. Each time it gives 109K xp equivalent to killing 10 level 150 wyerns.
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Re: Amount of elixers to level *graph*

At level 155, 145 wyern gives only 1792 xp with lix and 150 wyern gives 7796 xp with lix. So it does not make sense to level with lix above 155. Need to wait for level 160 to 180 new mobs. I would say it is foolish to spend real money on lix to level at my level unless you have lots of money to throw. I estimated you need at least 4 million xp to level from 155 to 156. This is how I worked it out:

109K xp (from Ragnor quest) gives me 2.5% of a level
So, to gain a full level. i.e. 100%, you need 109k multiply by (100 divided by 2.5%) which is equal to 4.36 million xp. You will need to kill 569 level 150 wyern to get this amount of xp.

Re: Amount of elixers to level *graph*

This graph shows the formula based on killing mobs at or above your level. Until the game has mobs above level 150 it will take a lot more to level past 145. But once there are more higher level mobs this formula should still be adequate
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Re: Amount of elixers to level *graph*

As always I admire the effort and precision you put into this MD, unfortunately I can barely follow your math. I speak 5 different languages but math isn't one of them^^

Anyway, this graph doesn't really reflect my experience. Following your graph at level 125 it should take me 11 elixiers to level up while in fact it took me exactly half of that. One elixier helped me to fill about 17-20%, so about 5,5 elixiers to fill 10 bars. It slowly increased from (almost exactly) 5 elixiers at level 123. Before that I don't really remember anymore.
Of course, I didn't just kill 1 star mobs and as a support druid I don't level solo. So, my estimation might be a bit diluted by that although interestingly group size doesn't make too much of a difference in my experience.

This may be a bit off-topic but what worries me a lot is how time consuming it gets after 120. I trained from 124-125 without using elixiers just out of curiosity and it took me over 5 hours to level. It still seems manageable to me to reach 150 even without plat and even without elixiers but I can hardly imagine how we are supposed to reach 180 at this rate.. How long will that take? 3-4 months of 5-6 hours grinding per day? I'm certainly not looking forward to that...

Re: Amount of elixers to level *graph*

Another option is also to just enjoy the gameplay without using elixirs. Takes much longer, and I don't always do it when I am lost in the competitive machine that is "wanna lvl, wanna lvl." But though these charts don't say you MUST lix, they are kinda misleading in general because they view the entire game as work and not as play.

It's weird, but it's like um...oh what's that word...oh yeah...a game.

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