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So the internet in my bording school went down for about an hour today
I thought it was a fault but wen it came back on it turns out i couldnt connect to the celtic heroes servers i guess they were blocking new stuff with the firewall!
This is annoying cuz i was starting to get into the game
Please leave suggestions that could get me passed the firewall!!
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Re: BLOCKED!! >:(

i was going to make a post about this, my school blocked the forum, the reason was because it was"Unrated/Uncategorized" i am now homeschooled soo it dosent really matter though. I need to catch up on my school work ive been playing Celtic Heroes 2 weeks straight and havent done any school work o_o
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Re: BLOCKED!! >:(

Nothing you can really do about it. Since you're going through the schools wireless network they control the firewall and which sites are allowable or blocked. The only way around is to get a secure connection through a 3G network, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. If you are close enough to another business/location you could try finding another wifi spot that is within the radius of your school and connect to it if its unsecured, like McDonalds, Starbucks etc.
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