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twins,twins,and more twins

this game is starting to get very popular. and that means that there are more players right?....thats right soooooooooooo that means alot of look alikes
and its kinda wierd, for instance i play in maybon and there are like 5 people who look exactly like me in the face type color,hair type and color, and beard type and color, and 3 who look like me via armor sireblade, killers, and DRAGONxAGE. i would like more armor made and more hair styles more beard types more faces, and possibly body types. and even new races like elfs, orcs, vampires, werewolfs, dwarfs..... u get my point :lol:
plz comment if u agreeeeeeeeee
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world: mabon
clan: chief of SonsofSwords

Re: twins,twins,and more twins

New beards, hair styles, and armor would be way cool. I wouldnt like different races very much, but thats just me. I agree with the others though, the developers are focused on the on-coming update and expanding the map instuff probably.
Name: Kasem
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World: Herne

Re: twins,twins,and more twins

Hi admin ,

I recommend adding different races , this would solve this problem and make the game alot cooler .

Im in mabon with redneck , sire blade. To be honest they are all like twins well those few lvl 50s , but rogue 's are fine!
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