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Re: Items kept on death

I like the current system the way it is and hope that it stays that way. If there is ever an attempt by the developers to institute a death penalty, it should not be one that wrecks or removes peoples gear.

I can't think of a suitable death penalty to implement at the moment, but I would like to hear some other suggestions.

Re: Items kept on death

I'm happy the way it works now. If they were to implement a penalty of some sort I for see alot more beggars on all servers. If any kind of penalty was to be introduced I think it should be armor decay that can be repaired. If your armor reaches 0% you just lose the benefits of that piece of armor until it's repaired. This would force people out of the normal camping spots every once in awhile and would get rid of the afk campers since all their armor and weapons would eventually be useless until repaired.
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