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Items kept on death

I have been wondering if items should not be kept on death pro: u do not have to rebuy items, u dont have to remake all that money, cons: players that sell to other players wouldn't be able to make much money because they already have their stuff, it might decrease the amount of auto trainers Aka bots from fear of dieing,
The game isn't that fun when u hav just been killed by a boss and u say "oh well now I go back
I'm not saying lose all items keep 3 of the most expensive
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Re: Items kept on death

admin wrote:Who would like a change so lost all your items when you die?

Horrible idea, some of us actually platinum to purchase items it would not be fair if we wasted real money and then just lost it all because of one death. ADMIN please check your PM :/ this company is kinda making me have second thoughts

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