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Re: sunflower wand quest - fun or annoying?

I think it's gonna depend how long the event runs for to qualify how successful a quest it becomes, because right now all perspective is thru the eyes of an extreme bottleneck...and perhaps further event content quests should be slightly viewed from that contextual lens as well...not just how fun a quest is, but how fun a quest is when an entire server is doing it at once.
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Re: sunflower wand quest - fun or annoying?

I didn't mind the quest. Wait 2 days and no one is camping anymore.

I just don't like that its always a wand. Halloween wand, Christmas wand, summer even wand. Mage is the least played class, why are they the only class profiting from the wands? Id rather see some sunflower weapon that uses novelty or hand to hand.

Diamond H2H weapon does 30 crushing dmg and 1750 speed. How about a sunflower h2h for all classes that does 60 heat dmg (remember, heat dmg doesn't multiply like crush does), 1800 speed, 30 heat resistance, -30 cold resistance.
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Re: sunflower wand quest - fun or annoying?

I guess it was alright... I didn't find it quite interesting... Maybe make them wander across the map entirely random spawn points :)
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