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Re: Auto -- Training - Leveling – Mining

After seeing many many more folks using the afk farming/mining to earn gold (or potentially exp, with the new ancient weapons) I am beginning to change my tune on the behaviour. I still understand why people do it, and realize that if people are able to afk they will, but seeing a bunch of level 60-80 afking in dustwither is starting to annoy me. I don't look down on the people who do it, however. Rather, the onus is on the devs to find a way to create a timeout feature that kicks ppl who haven't touched their device for some period of time (10 minutes?) or some other solution to the problem.

Re: Auto -- Training - Leveling – Mining

Then it must be easier to get gold. A level 5 should not drop the same as a level 50... At 50 it should be like 25 and for 80s it should be like 100. It's just too hard otherwise... With school and work it's near impossible for me to play anymore so I enjoy the half hour I can having a few extra few coins to spend on Darkflame or whatever.
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