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Auto -- Training - Leveling – Mining

This has been discussed a little in other threads but I thought I'd give it it's own :)

OK Pay attention. This content will quickly be outdated after the update. I think many of us know about this topic. If you don’t then perhaps this little guide will be of assistance. Of course be for certain that this type of play was not what the developers intended. It is the Dark side of Celtic Heroes ;)

Auto Training – Leveling – Mining is simply leaving your character in the game near some MOBS while you are away from you device. The character is “hopefully” able to kill any mobs it encounters reaping the benefits of the kill. Some abhor this behavior ,some think it’s smart, but I’m somewhere in the middle. Below are descriptions of each and how they are used.

Auto Training skills – You are using the technique simply to train your weapon skill. The level of the mobs doesn’t matter. I usually park myself in the middle of the Crookback lunch room for this. This is probably the least offensive type of auto playing. It actually rescued my druid because I didn’t know about the staff skill book until I was in the level 30’s Doh :o I used auto training to catch back up.

Auto Leveling – You are trying to find a spot where you are getting XP’s but your character isn’t dying. Be careful you can wreck your character bad by doing this technique. By this I mean that you can level up, train you weapon, but your special attacks and healing don’t get training which is bad news. To catch up you have to sit around pressing the skill buttons and heal to catch up. Basically, not worth it to me and especially if you do it a lot.

Auto Mining – Placing yourself in a mob purely to mine for money. This to me is over the line.

Etiquette of Auto Training – Leveling – Mining. Ok lets say that you have to try the techniques mentioned. If you’re like me you have a lot of friends in the game. Make sure to tell them your AFK and also check your character periodically and see if someone has been trying to talk with you. No sense in alienating someone who thinks you are ignoring them.

Top ten list for "How to tell if someone is auto training"
10. They have this faraway look in their eyes.
9. They don’t respond when you offer them free diamonds.
8. They don’t attack the high XP mob nearby leaving it for you.
7. After attacking a MOB you expect a little heal from them but nothing.
6. They don’t respond when you say the world is merging with Mabon
5. They don’t respond when you say that the update is here :)
4. They don’t even respond when you shout free pre-update plate
3. They never heal even though they are about to die
2. They never move from one spot and you think that a druid had rooted them
1. You continually are tripping over their dead body
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Re: Auto -- Training - Leveling – Mining

Ya it seems that Crookkback is the place you go to Auto train skills now a days. On my Warrior I got my Sword skill to 392 then decided to give a Mace a try so I would Afk in Crookback while I ate so I could still glance over every few minutes to see what's happening. I think that's fine but not people who do it over night multiple days In a row... It gets a tad bit annoying if your able to get like 1300 coins a hour whiteout doing anything.
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Re: Auto -- Training - Leveling – Mining

Drizzt wrote:Surely a post like this deserves a sticky and ravens law they r both master pieces

Raven's Law I could see as a sticky, but this... no. Partly because some of it will be outdated with the new version, and the other part because it is showing people how to do questionable things.
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