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Let's talk sceptres

I was wondering what the deal is with sceptres
Everyone has shop one with 17 crush and 10 magic damage
But there r some good drop ones howeever there is no crush damage listed on stats
Take for example elegant sceptre less weight more magic damage no crush is this right
And of course ice sceptre same magic with a little ice damage and no crush
And cyan and bronze sceptres with a little extra shield against stuff but no crush damage
Do these other sceptres have crush damage or is one from shop wrongly labled
I've tried them all with no noticeable difference
So I ask which ones r labled properly and which ones r not
As I can not tell can you?
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Re: Let's talk sceptres

Glad to hear this. Something always seemed off in the hierarchy of sceptres. Plus, I could never tell if I was getting that extra damage.

Maybe I'll have to give my speedy sceptre (or whatever it's called) another try now that I know I'm not giving up the crush in exchange for speed. Glad I didn't trade it to Drizzt. ;)
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Re: Let's talk sceptres

I haven't tested this thoroughly but am wondering if it's now harder to cast allure of fire with the faster scepter than it was with my standard scepter. It might just be me, but my first impression was that with the faster scepter, I had a harder time getting allure of fire on a target...which is a problem if that's one's main strategy. :)
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