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Big Problem with armour

I just Feeling boring and try something...
Im a lvl 52 warrior, wearing a Full redclaw armour Set( also have some hammered redclaw pieces)
So i think i got One of the Best armour in the Game. Anyway I wasnt able to kill the shiverlord on my own.
So i try somethig... I unequip my whole armour to get more mana and try it again.
I was still naked, just wearing Amulett and a Sword, Look by abilities ans See i habe 0 Protection.
Now i Starter the Fight vs shiverlord. The shiverlord does just 50 dmg per Hit, he did also 50/Hit Ehen i wear Full redclaw Set.
But because i habe double mana i was Able to kill him !!!!!!
With redclaw im not ( He survives with 1/5 hp).
I try this often, Never killed hin with armour and ever killed him without.
The armour has NO effect on the damage you get!!!!
Pls fix that As soon As possible, i Wonder that im the only who nothiced that...

Re: Big Problem with armour

I actually noticed the same thing. I fought him with 139 armor - he hit for 50. Then i used lvl 10 protection stance and had 280 armor - still hit for 50+. Makes absolutely no sense.

Your energy problem agrees with my earlier post that warriors have too much of a penalty with skills, to which the devw have never responded ( nor have they responded to anything i have ever wrote or asked. This may be my last post, lol.

Re: Big Problem with armour

Yeah protective Stance,frenzy etc has no effect...
Taunt has no effect As well.
Also i think strengh and dex doesnt have a real efffect... i don't skill them but do Same damage ( on 25 strengh )As warriors with around 100 strengh. Very Strange
Armour maybe should like each Point in armour Takes on damage off you, something like that, cause it doesnt work how its actual managed...

Re: Big Problem with armour

Anom wrote:Sure its true :(
I could Show you when you are on crom
Im better without armour :-X

Doesn't seem to be true. Just took off my armor and tried to take a black rev when I usually could and I couldn't kill him without downing 5 potions.

So yes armor helps.

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