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Re: Tridents and poison daggers

Trident is more situational. Yeah you get an Ice Trident but sucks on high res monster, etc etc. Poison dagger well nothing really resists poison, has pierce which multiplies with str.
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Re: Tridents and poison daggers

I really need more information!
Is 45 str and dex better than 20 piercing damage?
Is 100 magic/elemental damage better than 30 poison damage?
I really want to know what kills faster!
I know about the res in magic and elemental magic, tho does poison do so much than a chance of a high hit of the 100 magic/elm?
Is the poison a wounding damage? or is it an added 30 damage like poison weapon skill? If so would it be better if we called it 30 damage +20 piercing damage?
I'm a rogue and I need answers before I go buy both and end up wasting gold.
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Re: Tridents and poison daggers

Poison dagger will kill faster, trident will keep you alive longer. Hopefully that sums it up. It is impossible to know the specifics since OTM doesn't give us chance to dodge or chance to hit or anything like that.
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