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AWSOME UPDATES!!!!!!! plz read and comment!!!!!

i would just like to say that this game is amazing!!!!!!!!!
i have great ideas to add to this epic mmorpg
-more armor types...everyone looks the same lol
-more options in create a character
-advertisement, we need more players
-THE BEST UPDATE OF ALL TIME....clan buildings/areas/zones
or even clan armor emblems, like clan leaders can create a custom emblem for there members to wear on there armor.
-ARENA there are people in game who completely despise each other and want to fight, or a way to make money and experience this alone would be amazing!!!
but yea if i had 1,000,000 dollars i would give it all to admin to make these improvements/updates, but sadly i don't :(
if anyone likes what im suggesting please leave a comment if enough people do, we might just get these things
Name: Omnious
world: mabon
clan: chief of SonsofSwords

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