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Re: NO PROFIT!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know the official percentage of markdown? I'm going to play a little devils advocate here. I think the low prices encourage players giving equipment away or selling it instead of selling it for next to nothing. This is a big part of my game and I think if you could make money easily by selling it, the reliance on other players would be diminished. It seems as if the creators of this Game intended the play to be very cooperative. Bosses can't be solo'd items can't be purchased. Trading is a big part of this game and it means that to be successful you have to be fair and treat others with respect. Guving things away is a good way to have others help you along the way! I can attest to this because my alt has received tons of help because of her association with my main which has been genourous to just a bout anyone and everyone.
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Re: NO PROFIT!!!!!!!!!

Sure but spending a bunch of time selling items? I don't think that sounds like a good use of my time, not enjoyable anyway. Maybe other ppl don't mind it but I don't think that should have to be a must. I want to be able to be self sufficient if I want to, I don't want to have to depend on other ppl selling items, opening trade windows and whatnot. That just doesn't seems like fun to me, sounds like a job. But as it is items sell for so low and monsters don't drop very much money- there is almost no choice but to do business in the game. Some ppl like that, but what about those who don't?

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