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Re: Could next update have PvP?

I love pvp also but alot of skills and mechanics will need to be reworked based off the way things work now to accommodate it IMO. Hopefully the upcoming update will pave the way for this.
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Re: Could next update have PvP?

Hey I've had an idea on pvp.
I know that normal pvp and clanvclan has been montioned but I've had an idea I have not seen or heard of.
How about worldvworld lol?
People could sign up on a pvp server under their worlds name and could battle against other worlds.
The scoring could work like this:(any worldvworld fight would last 24hours)
Every time somebody makes a kill a point goes toward there own world.
At the end of everyday the scores would be added and everyone in the winning world get 1000 gold or something.

Just a whacky thought :)

Sorry for repeating world soo much :p

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