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Dear Deca and Acalos - PLEASE READ!

I want to start off by saying that I mean no disrespect to DECA or Acalos, and I am grateful you guys took over the game in an effort to improve it.

However, it's very apparent that this lag is no longer an issue of DDOS. It's sad to see people going inactive, even quitting, due to the state of the servers. The Celtic Heroes I love is dying even faster because now, not only is there no new content, but there's also no way to even play the game normally. People are frustrated and upset.

I urge you, please take the servers down for a week so you can fully fix this lag issue. No matter how much you reset the servers or perform "maintenance" it just keeps getting worse. Please fix it, and please communicate with us more. We're lucky if we get one message a week at this rate from you all, and none of them have provided insight to the lag issue.

It's like torture when you keep resetting it for it to get worse. Players get woken up for resets just to log into intense lag. Raids get wiped. Can't even cast skills or swap without 10 sec delay now if lots are on.

Please. Take servers down. Fix lag. Then bring them back up. And communicate with your playerbase! Even if it's just sympathizing with us. Radio silence sucks.
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Re: Dear Deca and Acalos - PLEASE READ!

Ppl really think Deca just forgot to turn off the enable lag button at their office.

It's a sad state of affairs that is mutually detrimental to both the players and the development. So if Deca could just as easily resolve the issue in one fell swoop that would have happened already.

As hard as it is to try to emphasize with a corporation. They don't don't want this lag happening as much as you do.

Not to say that they can't try to make up for the lag making bosses almost impossible.

But the idea of solving the lag easily is not realistic.

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