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As an avid spear warrior, I’d like to say that it is an underdeveloped weapon. If dece would add to it a lot of us would be most appreciated. Things to add:

Better skill rings for skewer: basically better then +5. Put in alchemical rings up to +10. Even some gele rings up to +15

Damage to Skewer skill- add damage over time to skewer. Plus initial damage. It would be a massive improvement and make it not useless other then holding a boss in place. Or at least add an initial damage to it with gele rings adding more damage.

More eg spears- adding in some eg spears would be great! Like Dino spears or gele spears!

Add bracers: spear bracers just like everything else that has ability+. Tank bracers would be preferred like Dino

Damage ammys: for those that are dps ranger rogue or have dps war builds.

The spear could be the best tank weapon in the game if it is given a little bit more love. Skewer is an under utilized skill as it does 0 damage and there are no good skill rings to bring it up to 42 easier.

Please Deca, thank this into consideration, would be most helpful for those looking to wield a spear at 220+ would be nice to invest points in skewer without sacrificing so many points to get it up to 42.

Thanks for your time!

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