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Re: Exp 1.5 until further notice

Posted: Sat May 28, 2022 11:20 am
by Zakrin_Keylisk
And hours later, still stuffed. Glitching and logging out or not able to log.

Fix it or refund people money they spent on plat for the event.
A refund would make up for some things but not everything. Would be a good place to start, as I’m sure with the 2k or so players they might have brought in around 20k in profits. They could atleast refund half of what everyone spend on the game during the event. Or add half the amount of plat they they bought (this would include the double plat so if you bought 100 bucks worth they would give you 4K plat) basically just give you plat for the money you spent. I know too many people now that have lost hero combos due to the outages. I myself have logged in, popped a hero combo, got booted 2 mins later, and logged back in only to find that 5 mins have past. Rip hero combo, 20k down the drain.