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Re: Speculation...

No it would be 12 total for premium (but there wouldn't be premium spirits) usually would be pet tokens only so 256 pet tokens for a spirit pet if they were to add a spirit pet into the game, if there were spirit premium pets i think it would be alittle over powered, and the reason i think they wouldn't add spirit pets to premium pets is because of the hellsteed, and it would cost too much with alot of people either complaining on the price or complaining on the stats.

Re: Speculation...

SamySamSamBoss2000 wrote:Finally, spirit pheonix will make mages the ultimate pvpers. Warriors will no longer stand against us, their resistance will crumble before our might and we will rule what is rightfully ours.

Maybe it will only cost one token to upgrade lux pets to spirit...

Difinitus confirmed in discord that it takes two premium pets lvl 6 for spirit

Re: Speculation...

I guess it's too early to judge but I really hope it isn't just "pay us more money lawlz" (although that's probably gonna be what it is). Since it's an anniversary celebration to the player why not permanently add new giant pet bosses that you need to kill weekly to upgrade your pet to t7/spirit by gathering 1-6 with a drop system or a kill quest system similar to CG offhands. That would feel so much more rewarding to do and complete then just hunt down more tokens that cost upwards of 1-3m based on server. It wouldn't even be that hard to implement since you just need to scale the models of the pets up a little and slap a lot of hp on and maybe their own unique mechanics that work similarly to how they do as pets and voila, something decent.

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