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I Need Advice and Guidance

So I got scammed for an OG globin peon charm and an orange mask of Lugh during an xfer. I have screenshots and the name of their main account, but the information towards support of being scammed is very blurry. Can I do anything with this information? or do I just take an L?
Many thanks - Jack

Re: I Need Advice and Guidance

If you already submitted a support ticket, there's nothing else you can do. Don't trust anyone in terms of transferring and trading. Alot of scammers will gladly take your items/gold. In terms of advice, just cold turkey quit the server you are xfering from and main the new server you're trying to xfer to. While it sucks to leave behind all the stuff you had on the old server, the sooner you start on the new one the better. I recommend gathering cooking ingredients like wheat barley lentils etc. to sell on the auction house to get a foothold on gold in your new server. Going forward, do not trust ANYONE with your items or gold.

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