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Re: Dont update CH but we need an update in WarhammerOdyssey.

E3D wrote:Ah yes I need to change my attitude, thank you for enlightening me, I guess I'll stop hoping that this game will receive some love.

if you want this game to recieve some love, the worst community should change, starting from you.

E3D wrote:Nah mate that is your community, what do you expect when you play on the most populated server, if its such an issue for you then change worlds.

Do you know that Epona players also play in Danu? So all player in all server are part of Celtic Heroes worst community (Dom clans, botters, scammers, stubborn, etc.). So your part of the worst community. Im also part of the worst community but im here to change it to friendly community.

E3D wrote: I love how you think my outlook is what is causing the game to die not your consistent posts asking for the game not to be updates.

Im not asking not to update the game, im saying that dont update the game if the community dont change.
If you really love this game, you should agree to all i say.

Updating this game is not a solution to revive this dying game, we need change, not change in games but change in community. We need friendly community to revive Celtic Heroes. Devs love a friendly community.

But if the community dont change, i just watch Netflix and have fun :lol: :lol: :lol:

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I like roll system but i hate Epona because of bots.

Dont update Celtic Heroes until the community will change, from worst (scammers, stubborn, Dom clans, bots, etc.) to friendly community.

Re: Dont update CH but we need an update in WarhammerOdyssey.

The kids an obvious troll, but hell, look at the posts I made 10 years ago, he reminds me of me, lol. Especially if everyone’s mean to you, you just come to the forums and release those frustrations, he’s obviously pissed that people on Epona don’t like him for whatever reason.

He’s also not wrong, this game is dead, and it’s sad, as an almost 10 year veteran of this game I’d love nothing more than to see updates for the game to watch it thrive, but the development team has completely abandoned the game, it’s a shame, really, the least these bozo’s could do is sell the rights off to a company that actually gives a flying **** about expanding the game.

We’re running up on the 10 year anniversary of the game, and not a peep out of the dev team to see if they’re doing anything for reaching this massive milestone of a decade for the game. So upsetting to see. This game got me through so much, began at 15, now I’m 25, sheesh how the years go by.
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Re: Dont update CH but we need an update in WarhammerOdyssey.

E3D wrote:
LazyBoyGoodBoy wrote:I reached the max lvl in Warhammer Odyssey and theres nothing else to do. So im asking Devs to update Warhammer Odyssey an add regiment war. Add pvp or regiment vs regiment. Warhammer Odyssey is the best MMORPG EVER.


Buying reaper ring 2 million, server Epona. Need asap, i need reaper ring for fast lixing. Message me here.

Why do you even post mate, you literally contribute nothing to this community.

this guy sounds like he's probably always been disliked and unpopular on CH, so he's being petty by making bold claims that couldn't be further from truthful. according to sensortower, a pretty decent app revenue site lists Warhammer at 10k for may 2021. CH is listed at 40k. considering CH hasn't been updated in how long? now if it's really dead, why would it be making 4 times the profit. those are the questions this guy refuses to acknowledge and he's just a detrimental hater at this point. not sure why anyone would take him seriously at all, the poor kid is flexing with 2 mill after all. he's just a troll bro, not worth our time.
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