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Frenzy Warrior Skill Question

I feel like I'm missing something so excuse me if it's a dumb question, but it seems that for the last (eternity) every time I put a new skill point into frenzy it doesn't show me anything other than it staying the same at the 60 seconds. And I have never asked or wondered why it just doesn't seem to change or show anything else. To me it's put skill point in and Then accept. And now oh look it's Exactly the same as it was before. Although I hope it's not. Just feels like a rip off of Skill points when nothing in the stat information area changes. Just stays 60 seconds. So I'm guessing it increases Somewhere else? Can't imagine it's a skill that you stop upgrading once it hits 60 seconds.
Again I have wondered for awhile

Re: Frenzy Warrior Skill Question

SamySamSamBoss2000 wrote:Frenzy levels increase damage and also attack. It's the same skill as steady aim essentially, steady aim doesn't show the damage or attack increase on the skill page either it just has a vague description but if you compare the stat game of different levels you can tell.

Ok thank you. I mean I knew it was doing something to help my stats but seeing no progress just the same 60;seconds in green over and over again was getting old. Thank you for your help.

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