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Ranger CG offy (not quiver)

I know that rangers typically use bow.

I started using a spear on ranger, and it’s a lot of fun- it’s also quite practical. After all, rangers can use spears, knuckle blades, and a bow. The only problem is, using a spear or knucks doesn’t really make sense eg when you can’t use any offy better than the 200 ruinic offies.

I think support should add a cg offhand for melee weapons for Rangers. With dhio knucks being an option for rangers eg, it just makes sense. Let me know what you think. After all, warriors can use a shield or damage offhands. Mages can be ice or fire. Why not allow rangers to maximize all their different build options. Thanks.

Mrbrownbeard- 220 mage
MrGreybeard- 205 rogue
MrBlondebeard- 215 Ranger
MrWhitebeard- 100 warrior

Re: Ranger CG offy (not quiver)

That would make sense. A lot of gear isnt properly though out in this game unfortunately. In addition to the useless, poorly designed stuff there are also certain builds that suffer cause they dont have the proper gear to be as effective as others. CG offhands could use a revamp, would be nice to see a melee ranger offy. That is if the devellopers ever touch this game again.

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