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Hello VR, open for your dead game

I've been playing CH for about 3 years now, I've worked hard to get what I should have deserved, I've always helped out without ever asking or asking for anything. However I was waiting for a minimum of gratitude from the endgames clans, especially on the Gwydion server (this server is so bad / weird, especially toxic community endgame). No kidding, I spent 24 hours non-stop camping boss raids, while falling asleep in front of my tablet, I participated to more than 100 / 150 Proteus, Gelebron and BT, all this to only deserve the DG gloves and what the clan I was in wanted to leave me ?
Nobody sells Conflux either, so no way to get one, no way to transfer your character either, because yes, I'm Lvl 230+ and it pisses me off to have to start over on another server to "deserve" my DG, knowing that you also have to find an honest clan, and that's not very common in 2021 on CH... Give me my DG, VR, I'm only asking for that, or make it so that loot can be distributed to everyone, depending on the number of participation, with or without group, because it's exhausting and frustrating, there can't be a real fair lockbattle competition with the current endgame boss equipment and raids.

Armor quests should not interfere with the distribution of loots (rings, bracelets, weapons etc..) ; this should be available to everyone, and as said above, it would also allow for a fairer endgame competition. Sick of seeing dom clans full of kids/scammers thinking they are all powerful when they are nothing. Only players.

Re: Hello VR, open for your dead game

You were inactive while you played, you’re attendances were low, you were next in line for dg bp and you just weren’t patient. You were kicked from the clan for selling clan gear (specifically a mighty havoc gele brace) . You do not have doch gul simply because you did not earn or deserve it. You called the dom clan scammers but you literally scammed the whole clan when you sold the havoc brace, you wouldn’t have gotten that without their help. Don’t whine about stuff that’s 100% your fault.

Re: Hello VR, open for your dead game

Do you want to make dramas here ? Alright, my intention wasn't such, but since you want to talk about it, let's classify things the right way.

First of all, don't talk about patience with me, when you worked less than I did and you were already complaining about the same thing I did before, then to have sold the "Mighty Havoc Bracelet" was a choice, especially since it was the only item I sold, because Carlos wanted it and I just didn't want to give it to him. Why ? Because he was fully boosted and had his DG deserved in not even 6 - 7 months, favoritism or just bad faith ? Mhmm, I think it's a little of both, maybe a lot ! I should have deserved it before him in all logic, I was always present at the many raids and bosses, but like everyone else, I also have an real life tho !

Oh yes ! Above all, don't talk about selling "gears clans" when your leaders have been silently doing it for years, either for real money / or golds at exorbitant prices. ;)

And so for a clan that claims to be "dom", not to have a rule concerning the distribution of the DG, while snooping around other servers I realized that some of them had a system for the DG, it's not good for you, or maybe it's good for them to equip whoever they want ofc

Re: Hello VR, open for your dead game

I’m not trying to make drama, I’m simply stating hard facts. I earned full doch gul in 11 months because I was active and good clanny... shows what type of person you are if you couldn’t earn it in 3 years. The clan rules state that any selling of clan gear will be discussed by leaders and the person will most likely be removed from the clan. You sold a clan item and where consequently kicked from the clan. You say we don’t have a system for dg but leaders vote for upgrades based on attitude, raid attendances, longevity and loyalty. You clearly were not loyal, and had low attendance. The fact that you say our leaders sell gear is quite honestly embarrassing and hypocritical. you have absolutely zero evidence to back this up and nobody else in the clan would agree with you. On the other hand, I can post evidence that you did sell clan gear. I can also post evidence of your low attendance rates. It’s clear to anyone with half a brain who’s right and who’s wrong in this situation.
Basically, mad cuz bad.

Re: Hello VR, open for your dead game

I said I've been playing for 3 years, however I've only been in Relentless for 1 year, nuance ! I was even in the clan before they recruited anyone to do anything, your clan is a big joke, you're trying to defend useless things because I have proof too and I won't hesitate to post it if you want to play with me on this field and you will lose. Isn't it embarrassing to have seen your most loyal former players leave one by one because they no longer adhere to your corruption ? Probably because they are better and more thoughtful people than you lul.

As far as deciding the DG between themselves, that's trash, and to go back to what I said before, it's favoritism and that's all. I was also on the first page of the website before you were in the clan, if I had less activity, it's because I hate being taken for a fool, nuance too !

All good things must come to an end, and your clan is turning toxic, dishonest, vulgar, and to top it all off, corrupt !

I've probably spent more hours than you on the game, even camping boss raids, and that's something players from that era will remember and remember well too.

However, the rules for selling loots were quickly changed after I left, so like I said, it doesn't make any f**king sense, you guys are a bunch of jokes haha

Re: Hello VR, open for your dead game

Ok so you’re in relentless for one year and are only able to earn dg gloves because that’s simply all you deserved. Like I said, you were next in line for DG but sold a clan item and got kicked. Doch upgrades are voted on by all active members of the clan with full doch gul armour. You say the rules for selling loot changed after you left. Everything you said in that sentence is false. First of all, you did not leave the clan, you were removed because you knowingly broke one of the clans top rules by selling clan gear and second, the rules have not been changed. You still cannot sell clan gear and will be kicked if caught doing so. Your entire argument is accusations with no evidence to back it up. Please post the so called proof u have. The facts are you broke the rules and were kicked, that’s why you don’t have dg. Had you followed the rules and been active you would have a full set by now.

Re: Hello VR, open for your dead game

I am very sympathetic to this story, like many that came before... Thus, there needs to be a proper server transfer system in place for this sort of stuff... There are so many great ideas that come across the forums from time/time, it's a shame there aren't other avenues of progression or ways to navigate the many servers with any given character after spending thousands and playing hundreds of hours with your favorite toon. Like I said, this is upsetting and now a diploma for many players when something like this happens (regardless of the circumstances), the customer must essentially forfeit there character at this point or commit to a pointless feud between a lesser and more dominant clan (that is quite depressing to witness)... A great many would benefit from a server transfer system, the Devs could charge money, the player-base would have more options, pretty much everyone would rejoice...

Re: Hello VR, open for your dead game

I will disagree that we would all be happy with world transfers. The only thing we all have control of is our own reputations. If a player has tarnished their reputation in one world why should they get a do over in another? Ch is a social game we get to know each other as we level and play if players can simply pop in and out of worlds because they have the funds to do so it will change the game completely and not for the good. I believe people deserve second chances but they need to put in the work and prove themselves and that should mean creating a new character on your new world.
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    Re: Hello VR, open for your dead game

    Dreyk wrote:Oh yes ! Above all, don't talk about selling "gears clans" when your leaders have been silently doing it for years, either for real money / or golds at exorbitant prices. ;)

    And I still have to hear that great stupidity that Epona is the communist server, rofl. *** off.

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