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Wishlist for Celtic Heroes

Hello everyone,

as this is my preferred MMORPG and I don‘t want to see it die, I want to collect some suggestions for future development.

I would appreciate if we could get a heads up from the admins, if some of the ideas can come true in the future.

For example:

- a new area
- a higher level cap/mobs, for example 250
- higher fish, for example 210
- a cooking pet
- cooking rings and bracelets
- functional cooking and/or fishing clothes

What else do you think of?

Re: Wishlist for Celtic Heroes

-a new area that would be very great
but that will open lot of things to do and for planning what
its gonna be

-new items is going to be good

-lux vend or mount vend (need to get somthing back from
old times) changing castle too would be great

-extend curropted gardens map with another map
mobs levels starts from 210-230 maybe

-new quest armour like exalted dragonlord armour
with offy and main

Re: Wishlist for Celtic Heroes

New area
New event with chests, event mobs, mount trader, new lux jewellery, all the old event shenanigans
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Re: Wishlist for Celtic Heroes

global boss with high level
which is a new map
has mobs and boss
and all servers can join together
the boss lock can be locked twice
and the loot be better in the first lock
the second one be good but less than the first one

but that will need a good plan cuz of crashing
imagine all players in that area in one time
the game will explode

Re: Wishlist for Celtic Heroes

A cool way to introduce new Chests in a variety of new and fun ways or in-calibration with other games and IPs would be an area in the Castle dedicated to Traveling Merchants that sell the new Chests along with a small variety items obtainable through a (reputable) quest during a limited time (similar to Hat Quests of old) to balance between plat purchasing players along with non-plat purchasing players... It would spice up the fashion and RP with a bunch of new and outrageous types of fashion not bound to the current lore of Celtic Heroes... VR/OTM, if you manage to get this up and running, prepare for a rather large boost of funds to help develop Celtic Heroes in a whole new and exciting way but still faithful to games original lore and maybe even a departure from it in added future updates that let us visit other cultures and mythology... You have us, keep it interesting please... We want to continue to support this wonderful game but there is plenty yet to add to make it even better... Thank you...
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