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Why Is My Vacuum Cleaner Not Working?

Sometimes, your vacuum cleaner doesn't do what you want it to, which can be a pain. Don't rush to bring it to the repair shop for professional help, however. It may be due to big faults or some small faults in the machine itself or the way we use it.

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You should check it yourself first and see if there is anything that you can fix at home. We list here three common problems people may have at least once when using their vacuum cleaner, and we explain why this happens and how to troubleshoot it as well.


1. Loss of suction

If you are using a bagged vacuum cleaner, the first thing you need to check is the bag. Examine it thoroughly to see if there are any holes. If not, examine the compartment which holds the bag; if you see dirt or debris, you can determine that your bag has holes. Just replace the bag, turn the vacuum cleaner on again, and keep cleaning.

If your vacuum is bagless (bagless uprights), then check whether the container is emptied or not, or whether it has any cracks. If yes, replace it and operate it again. If your vacuum has filtration, you should check to see if any blockages or damage have occurred. This is one of the things that can cause your vacuum to lack suction power. What should you do if you've already checked all the parts mentioned above? Check the hose; if the hose is clogged by something, the suction force can't be maintained as normal.

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2. Shuts off suddenly

Most vacuum cleaners today are designed with a temperature sensor which will cause the machine to shut off when the temperature goes too high. This mechanism is applied to protect the vacuum from becoming overheated and burning out. However, if the vacuum is placed too low for the cleaned surface or the intake hose is plugged, it can make the sensor activate and shut off the vacuum suddenly. Check if the vacuum is in any of these situations.


3. Brush not spinning

In most cases, this problem happens due to a belt problem. This means that if the belts are broken, misaligned, or overstretched, the brush can't spin. Therefore, the belts need a check to make sure that they're working perfectly; if not, you’ll know that you must buy a new one to replace it. After you inspect the belts and perhaps find nothing, you should check the brush roll instead, as this issue might also be caused by a jammed brush roll. In this case, just take it out and clean it; it will be working well again once you replace it.

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Those were the top common problems when using a vacuum cleaner. If you face one of these problems in the future, follow these simple steps and you may save a significant amount of money on repairs. Knowing the causes of these problems, you can also try to avoid them in the using, maintaining, or storing process. If we treat our appliances well, they will treat us well in return.

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