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Gardens offhands

Hey guys, I was hoping someone could tell me if it's possible to hotswap any mage gardens offhands. Say does swapping a t8 fire offhand with a t8 ice reset the divine skill. Also can anyone tell me the stats on the lure offhand? I think it gives +2 and up to all lures but is there another stat. The DPs offhands have direct dmg so I would hope the lure one gives direct bonus to lures. (I know the skill does this but I'm wondering if it has it in the stats).

Re: Gardens offhands

Not a mage, but if the skills are the same skill (name, level, and effect) it won't reset when you swap offhands. However, I believe the fire offhand skill does a fire lure and the ice offhand skill does an ice lure, so it should reset when you swap.
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Re: Gardens offhands

Not sure about mage but I'm pretty sure the rogue offhand skill resets if you swap them
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