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Dragon skill damage

Someone told me the dragon skill cannot crit over 4k damage not including the damage of the 3 ticks .... i was curious what is the highest crit you've gotten with the dragon skill not including the tic damage i would like if you could provide screen shot proof as well... im sure ive seen 4k+ damage jsut off the initial skill... any scren shots or information would be apprecaited

Re: Dragon skill damage

Technically it can crit 4k bit it would be incredibly rare. At 2230/2230 ability a t6 magic drag can deal a max damage of 2015
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Re: Dragon skill damage

Z4beemer wrote:Ive seen dragon crit 5k before thats why im asking for screen shots of crits and not picture of the skill...

That would require an ability of roughly 3-3.5k to crit a 5k, idk how many lvl 350s are on your server though
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