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Re: You know what really grind my gears?

MatteoMercatale wrote:
Hison wrote:
ArcaneFiji wrote:
I been on Epona since 2011 and never experienced this issue even ones (issue logging in) the only time I did is when the game itself crashed while ago in like 2015 and it was offline for like 24-36 hours. The only issue I ever experienced was items randomly vanishing from my characters but it was due to lag and having like 3-4K items in the inventory on banks which was fixed by admins and items were all returned

I have almost the similar experience. No issues yet apart of vanishing characters randomly. Most of my friends also do not have any such issues. How ever i had issues related to my Processor. Therefore i had to go for latest i7-9700K instead of i7-8700K. Since then i am having no issues from hardware side.

Sometimes I log in and my character if falling in a white space all around me and I get dismounted, they keep making me spend 100g. Also sometimes people’s messages get glitched and when you click a random tab the message repeats over and over, and few days ago it showed my toon with full edl saying congratulations you have reached level 135! Shows it in my stats but then I reload and I’m 221 again.



Re: You know what really grind my gears?

Hison wrote:Real question is .. are you having issue on the mobile device or your usual android simulator that you use. I have played Celtic Heroes on Epona since pretty much the very beginning and had not ones experience this issue. Before I moved to a different house I used to have crappy WiFi where I’d get max 10mb speed and not ones experience any issues so idk. Maybe whenever things change from “My Gears” to “Our Gears” ;)
iphone 11 here. Unless you log 15 mins before a raid on epona expect to take 10 mins trying to log in while 100 others do the exact same. Whether i try log in at the castle, carrow or arcane its always the same.
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