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July update

So uh... Will it happen in july as said? Or august, september, october... Cmon im getting ******** by the expected double plat (which wont happen) and now this july update. Lemme finish pls dont torture me like that

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Re: July update

So VR decided not to give us a birthday event or double plat on June 15 because the update was releasing in the “upcoming days”. A month later they only have given us a dragon carnage event, which is alright, and an iPhone login update which has brought bunch of bugs to the game. Why can’t they be honest and say “ we are at this percent completed it looks like we won’t release it until next year” or some time of information instead of lying to us. I truly do not understand.

Re: July update

SPLEND1D wrote:
dyroxicon wrote:They meant July 2021 clearly!

Delayed like Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet'

Delayed like the United States

Re: July update

Actually they were promising this qol update last year this time...though, to be fair, they didn't mention putting in a Mordi ley back then, so maybe that took a year to manage.

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