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Re: CH birthday event?

Bitey wrote:In case you missed it, official news on update is here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=103026

Hey wait... ._. can forum mods do troll posts? ;-;
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Re: CH birthday event?

Lifehacks wrote:As soon as the player base starts complaining to VR about lack of communication, the game really is dying. (Who remembers Pirate/Wizard101)

Getting off topic, but I don't just remember Wizard101; I played up to level 120/130. They are not dead! Although, the player base is getting frustrated because they are nerfing much of thei player side of the game (i.e resist, pet training, and shadow pips) and nerfing some spells too. The shadow spells were nerfed last update and it looks like the shadow enchanted spells are getting nerfed. The players feel the game is sabotaging itself.

At least VR isn't sabotaging their game. They are just slow to update it. The one thing that worries me is their support response time to fixing problems.
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