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Can't log in to game during big bosses

Hi, I am getting really angry with this game now. Far too many times I am missing the big bosses because I cannot log in to the game, it seems because too many people are on, sometimes I get kicked out of game, or if I log out for a few seconds to do something then I can't log back in again.

Others in my clan are having similar issues.

Just now at Gelebron, around 15 people couldn't log on.

This is incredibly frustrating.

Re: Seriously bad log problems on Herne


We have resolved the issue and you should be able to log in normally again. We ask for your patience and not spam the login server repeatedly as this can only worsen the situation. If you experience some trouble logging in, please wait a few moments and then try again.

The team will continue to monitor our servers closely this evening and I will update you should the situation change.


Re: Seriously bad log problems on Herne

Asado wrote:Unfix it and give us reset plz

Dead meme

But also, this has been a problem this whole month, get stuck on logging screen for5+ minutes. restart app and or phone and still problems. Ridiculous. Also, when switching accounts, it happens 99% of the time that you have to restart app. And no it’s not my phone

Re: Seriously bad log problems on Herne

This game used to be enjoyable now it’s just meh can’t even finish a kill wo getting booted and once ur kicked will take ages for u to log back in. I guess it’s time to pull the plug on this since there seems to be no fix to make this even playable...
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