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Re: Is sharing accs allowed ?

No, account sharing is not allowed. It's partly a security issue, partly because it's not fair and/or confusing for other players, and partly because it has the potential for huge headaches for Support - as well as other reasons us players may not know about or consider.

Security reason:
Account sharing is rarely allowed in any case, regardless of whether it's your top secret government account, your email account, or your throwaway account for some random website or game that you play once and never get back to. It may or may not seem like a security issue in this particular case (if you have a completely random username and password), but a lot of people tend to reuse the same passwords/usernames across multiple locations, so it's best to avoid it in all cases.

Not fair/confusing:
Sharing accounts would incentivize clans to create clan-wide lock and bossing characters that could be brought to any and all fights. That's not fair for any players - raids are about trying to get people online, and sometimes bad timing for certain players in one clan could be what a smaller clan needs to get the odd endgame boss, to help prevent server domination. It could also lead to issues where you won't necessarily know who is currently logged in as which character - which can be (at best) confusing, or even worse, allow for scams...if you don't know who you are (really) trading, you can't be sure if you can trust them - whether in dicing, boss hunt groups, or whatever. I could easily see less-than-trustworthy players logging onto a shared account for a boss, not saying who they are, then steal the drops - and no one knows who took it (really only applies in certain cases, but still a possibility).

Support issues:
If multiple players can freely and legally log onto the same account, it's veeery easy for scams to happen. Any items on the shared characters are at risk. When (not if) items go missing, players are gonna be upset, and Support really doesn't have the time or desire to try and track down/deal with even more scams and stolen items.

Now yes, a lot of these are "what if" scenarios - not necessarily guaranteed. People may think "well I only want to share it with my sibling or RL friend - I can trust them!". Well yes, sometimes that is the case - but the issue is more along the lines of what everyone else would do if it were allowed. In the end, my guess is that it's just safer and more secure (for both the player and the developers) for users to keep their account details private. Of course, I'm in no way associated with VR, and I can't read minds, (at least not at this distance)so I don't know if any of these are part of the reason, or what other reasons VR might have for it - these just seem like they make the most sense to me.
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Re: Is sharing accs allowed ?

No you’re not supposed to share accounts, 2+ people having the ability to log 1 account around the clock is extremely unfair. People still do it anyways though because VR will never have solid evidence of it without someone coming forward with concrete proof.
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Re: Is sharing accs allowed ?

All of the above is true.
There is, however, a small bit of grey area when it comes to clan banks; the current in-game bank setup isn't exactly the most convenient for running a clan. Here is where a shared account dedicated to banking comes into play. The clan leader(s) alone know the login and collect/disperse gear as they have determined. There have been rare occasions where a leader has gone AWOL with the account (linking an email, changing PW, selling stuff behind people's backs, etc.) and Support has stepped in to rectify things (generally, temp lock on account while credentials are ironed out, maybe retrieving a few items from an offender, and likely a ban of the offender). However, this is not by any means the rule of thumb, and only happens if something is completely out of control (like gotta be way more than just 1 guy running with a few drops from a single kill). Moreover, like most Support actions, bank interventions (or the lack thereof) aren't exactly an encouraged topic of debate either before or after the fact.
slightly off topic, but going back to pros/cons of different systems: dicing, by definition, doesn't necessitate a bank

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