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What will happen to aeon

Was wondering once the first round of aeon for all old fashion is done via chest will old fashioned finally be removed in the past fash was worth something you could make gold from now there all literally 2-4K a piece. Or will we Regularly have old fash in new chest for as long as ch exist I wana know so I don’t have to pay 500k for white hunter set and can buy it i the future when it comes to 100k. Don’t wana get forked like I did when there was no aeon stuff and price dropped like 50%
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Re: What will happen to aeon

Unfortunately, I would guess that aeon versions of fashion will continue to come back in some ways as the game moves forward. However, I could very well be wrong. Only way to find out is to wait and see, unfortunately.

That being said, I doubt rarities will change that much. A white aeon Hunter set is still going to be fairly rare - even if aeon hunter becomes available next year, enough time will likely have gone by for the value to go up a bit.
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