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Lag since Friday/Saturday skills and hot-swaps mostly effected.

I am not surr what happened because until late Friday night I had no problems. I got a few new drops and used an alt book, but since then all my hot swaps have become very laggy and sometimes don’t go at all.
Using the Phoenix ability is hit and miss as well.
Running seems fine, although when using a skill to follow another toon is all bumpy and laggy (example using cloak of fire on a toon a few feet inferno of you) usually snide and smooth but it is no longer smooth and the changing breaks a lot too for no reason.

Yes I have had the mail bug for a long time but never this (new lag) before the weekend.
Yes I have had the chat bug once or twice but that goes away as well.

This new lag like experience hasn’t gone away even after a few days, so far I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled, cleared cache, closed all other apps tried on different devices nothing seems to help.

I use IOS devices all on the latest IOS, but things were fine before the weekend.
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