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Arena needs to be shut down.

I have been stuck in arena 3 times now due to this bug. Now its dozens of people from morrigan who are stuck. Can't log in or reset character. Says they are logged in already or just won't load their toons.

Another good job for VR. Lol drop a message saying xtals are going to be up with no witch so people flood the arena when the KNOW that arena is bugged to all hell. Probably should fix things before you add stuff, but people have been asked that for years. No point in fixing broken stuff in the game right?
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Re: Arena needs to be shut down.

Same glitch happened to me again. Went to arena -- got stuck in loading screen -- then kicked out of game, unable to relog back in. It won't even let into the character select menu so I can use the
"character stuck" tool. Happened once before during first witch kill. Please fix ASAP, it's double plat weekend, which means sales for different items are the best. Most of my gold is on my stuck toon...

Server: Belenus
Stuck Character: SharpSh0tzz
Class: Ranger (Lvl 221)

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