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Re: New Recipes Coming Soon?

Mdunc1982 wrote:
Warsong wrote:
Mdunc1982 wrote:
Im not a fan of caster classes but certainly you are correct that focus itself isn't quite as useful as perfected bara is at increasing damage. Probably not even as good as exquisite bara either.

Lol any current perfected caster food doesn't amount to as much as even 1 regular bara, let alone exquisite or perfected lol.

Thought so. But as a stated im not a caster class usually. I do have a druid but its mid lvl and not real experienced but i am overall knowledgeable on most things just dont have the exact numbers to test this out to base percentage differences on damage. 200 focus really doesn't add a ton of damage to my knowledge. I know 96 physical damage multiplied by strength can double your damage output as It does for me.

I play a 230 DG rogue mainly. I can promise you 200 focus doesn't do squat compared to melee dmg foods. Id rather use the lame low lvl slash food that gives like 20 slash damage over 200 focus anyday.
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Re: New Recipes Coming Soon?

I would love to see new crafting jobs as well.

For instance, alchemy, for crafting potions and add new recipes/ingredients.

Smithing to craft our own armor and add enhancements with another possible craft like Augmentation or something.

Lastly, please add more ingredients. Along with a variety of combinations, fishing/cooking skill boosts, luck recipes.

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