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Re: Samhain is arriving!

Paint It Black wrote:Legacy Samhain cosmetics. There was hunter, spider silk, and dark rider fash. Can’t remember what else. Wonder what will return this time around...

Can't be sure but when they say cosmetics it sounds more like u can customize your characters look with different color skins like they use to have, spidersilk and all that was fashion not cosmetics.

When they talk about fashion in the vault, what exactly is a vault? Is that like something we can buy in the shop or is it chests again

Re: Samhain is arriving!

Difinitus wrote:Hello Heroes,

Samhain will be returning to Dal Riata next week! During this spoopy festive time, we'll have several activities for players to enjoy:

- The dead rise and plague Lir's Reach! Send them back to their graves and earn helpful potions.
- Work together to defeat an evil witch in the Global Arena!
- Ostara fashions go back into the vault and legacy Samhain cosmetics returns.
- New Mystery Chest with a chance to obtain the fiery Hellsteed Mount!
- Participate in forum contests to win rare fashion sets!

I'll post an update with details about our mini event once they have been finalized in the next day or so. Stay tuned!

I only have a few of those potions left but they aren't really needed so bringing them back doesn't make me excited.

Defeating Evil in Global arena sounds interesting but you know how laggy arena will be. When we met up for Breast Cancer Awareness event the lag was too much. It would be unplayable with all clans trying to kill the new thing. Can we have more details on this please ?

Ostara fashions coming back... I expected this and not surprised. Why bother making new fashions when there's no ones right ? I want new fashions.

New Chest and Hellsteed mount.. Can we see a picture of this mount ? Does it have laser eyes or flaming tail ? Or completely neon ?

Forum contest to win rare fashions sets. Interesting but why forum and not in game ?

Re: Samhain is arriving!

Why would anyone want an obsolete mainhand mount besides for nostalgic reasons? The game has evolved, move on people. I hope that it's a battlemount but probably a reskin of the undead horses from the sounds of it. Glad seasonal items are coming back but something new would be nice.

Re: Samhain is arriving!

Come on, guys. Be grateful that we’re even having a Samhain event. :/ It’s kinda rude to be asking for this event then give them crap for how bad it will be when it hasn’t even come out yet. Just saying.
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Re: Samhain is arriving!

Angmar Reid wrote:Come on, guys. Be grateful that we’re even having a Samhain event. :/ It’s kinda rude to be asking for this event that give them crap for how bad it will be when it hasn’t even come out yet. Just saying.

I just don’t want them to make another over abundance of mounts.. once upon a time mounts were something cool and special to open up. It excited you to even see an 80% mount... with these last chests those feelings were gone. Was cool when I got one mount from a chest, but then I got another and another and another until I had 10+ (Closer to 15) boars, stick mounts, capes, and eagle gliders. It made the chests really lame because you couldn’t really aim for anything apart from some plat items... worst chests they’ve ever released.

I opened up a 95% cape and I thought, “oh cool, I must have been really lucky”
*turns around and sees 10 other people who also just got 95% capes*
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Re: Samhain is arriving!

I like the idea of the potions, rare consumables have always been my weakpoint.

A new arena boss is nice, it'll help boost the numbers as most people stuck to the tavern.

I'm happy samhain aeon stuff will be back, still need that 100% nightwing, someone won one before but went inactive :/

The new hellsteed mount sounds really cool and I hope it's a battlemount, never really made much sense to me why we had a premium pet but not battlemount.

I might enter the contests depending on what the conditions and rewards are, I may not be that creative but I am determined(when I want to be) :)
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Re: Samhain is arriving!

yay spooky celebration!
I gotta break out my pumpkin hat!
Pumped about everything! Like, literally everything here is awesome! Thanks devs!
I think I'd even be ok if they brought back hunter fashions (normally against reintroducing stuff, but it sounds like they're going to aeon it or something).

Nosy blighter, aren't ya? lol
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Re: Samhain is arriving!

If the new hellsteed mount is battlemount, do we need 2 spirit mounts to further upgrade?
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