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Re: Dhiothu Downed on Danu!

Schwing wrote:Congratulations!

Do you think by reading that it’s taken a server over 2 hours to kill one raid boss that the difficulty you’ve place the boss at while it needs better gear and such is a bit high at this current time? Congrats danu on your achievement
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Re: Dhiothu Downed on Danu!

friddoo wrote:2.5 hours... holy yikes... pick that dps up

Wasn't exactly that long tbh lol but counting set up time it was just at 2 hours ... the second one went faster. We are doing at a time where some of our best dps can't log but seems to be best time for Druids ._. And a lot of our dg mains are having to switch from mains to play alts to fill in other roles or dual so yes the dps is kinda nerfed but we are managing lol
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