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Re: Samhein Event!

+1 Samhain is the best.
In fact, if you wanna bring out a new fashion go for something spooky like hunter (don't necessarily just reskin hunter), maybe something ninja-esqe (something relatively dark, kinda goes along with the eastern theme the game has been leaning toward).
Might even do some new instruments or other types of cosmetics.

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Re: Samhein Event!

I'm sure if we were getting anything at all it would have been hinted at already. I wouldn't doubt a new mystery chest or a week/weekend mini event but development of new assets seems to have stopped for Celtic Heroes. I would bet every account I own that we will get nothing close to an old seasonal event, unfortunately.

Re: Samhein Event!

Random-but-interesting-to-nerds fun fact:

Samhain is actually Gaelic for “summer’s end.” It’s not actually an ancient celebration of Halloween, though some of our Halloween traditions come from this Celtic holiday. In Scottish Gaelic the word is pronounced sah-ven, and was celebrated October 31st through November 1st.

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Re: Samhein Event!

Would be nice to have an old style seasonal event but as the last one was over 3 years ago and game development has ground to a halt it seems very unlikely we will ever see a proper samhain or any other seasonal event again. The days of fun and variety in this game are sadly long gone.

Re: Samhein Event!

Wish they would make a flying cauldren lol with a brewing kinda effect as you move
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